Krista van der Wilk

Artist - the Hague, the Netherlands

Proposals / Work in progress

Matter of perspective ( proposal )

Limited view ( work in progress )

Please view the proposals / work in progress on a PC. There are no tablet/phone versions available.

Update : 14/06/2020

Cornered Bender

Two screen video installation - Looped


By searching for the minimal necessities to be able to perceive realistic elements, and to manipulate what remains, the area between reality and illusion fades away. An alienated visual experience is created. This area fascinates me because the human brain recognizes what it already knows and what’s already been experienced. By combining realistic and manipulated elements, I play with visual expectations and stretch it as far as possible.


An architectural videoinstallation, that plays with the boundaries of visual deception.

Mimicking sunlight shining on familiar elements, manipulate the results and implement this form in the existing architecture. This leads to a search for scale and context where reality blends with illusionary elements.




Working method

The need to search for facts and stay open for the unknown.


Wanting to understand everything, but the frustration that the brain does not let me,

resulted in my current working method.

Investigating phenomena which are a enigma for me.

With these results, create a new illusionary point of view.


The collected data come from phenomena straight out of nature.

The change sunlight makes when clouds pass by, movements of melting ice, the power of the ocean,

but also how living in a city change the way you look at nature.


Working with factual data, and transform it in a fictional experience,

hightlights the realisation there is more outside of our own thinking and mind.



Visual sketches of possibilities :

This is a digital sketch of two possibilities.

This preview is using a still image of the original footage, placed in a 3 dimensional surrounding.



Corner outwards

Corner inwards

Still image of original footage used in example videos

Still image of the manipulated perspective

Original footage :

Two identical paper maquettes, standing in the sun.

Clouds passing by causing the fluctuations in the visible light and shadows.

It seems like the footage is mirrored, but because two identical maquettes are used, and placed right next to each other, it's causing small differences in light, shadow, and timing.

Timing :


The timing of the footage will be different every time the project will be set up.

Take a look at the project 'Cubebender'. This will have a simular perception of time, movement and light fluctuations.






Thanks for taking the time to take a look at this new project.

I'm looking forward hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Krista van der Wilk