Matter of
Two or four -screen Video installation - Loop
Mixing filmed material of light falling into a maquette, together with digitally manipulated experiments on perspective. This plays with the human perspective on their architectural surroundings.
Combining the slow pace with the physical existence forces the observer to take the time to absorb their surroundings.
Shadows and light are bringing the flat surface to life. The light and the material are digitally transformed and create a new fictional environment.
By taking the screens out of their normally flat existence into the physical space, the work becomes part of reality. But at the same time the reality becomes part of the fictional world.
Matter of perspective is a video installation consisting of two or four screens displaying the same image.
And together they are forming an extended spacious perspective.

L'Ososphère 2022, Strasbourg - FR ( 2x 49 inch screens )

L'Ososphère 2022, Strasbourg - FR

Still images from original footage
Duration +- 12 min. / Infinite loop
Resolution 1920 x 1080 px. per screen ( can be upscaled to 4K if needed. Depends on the size and distance audience )
Equipment 2x (or more) digital screens, linked media players
Size: Depending on the space, but not too big so the perspective still works
Requirements for the space Not too bright, screen in front of a darker wall, no direct (sun)light on the screen
Distance audience See image renders for an example, but differences per venue

Example renders two screen setup
Example renders four-screen setup
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