Open registration 2022
Video - 12 min. Collection of +-17.000  scans
Approximately 17.000 images were taken by a flatbed scanner
while hanging outside in the open. For 6 days and 7 nights in total.
Recording the light changes, the night settling in and the day making itself visible again.

Rain, dust, wind, spiders walking and leaves falling,
together making a composition with the occurring digital artifacts.
The digital visualization of this outcome play with the expectations
of how light can be experienced.
While looking at the gradations of days and nights through the eyes of a scanner,
reality becomes an atmospheric poem of light.

Original footage

L'Ososphère 2022 -  during the rain, Strasbourg - FR - ( presented on a 95 inch screen )

Still images
L'Ososphère 2022 - Presentation on 95'' screen - with public
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