one screen Video installation - loop
Withholding a view of what follows, leading into a larger space. Creating an unstable awareness.
Video - 12 min. Collection of +-17.000  scans
6 days - 7 nights. Rain, wind, dust, spiders walking, leaves falling on digital artifacts. Looking through the eyes of a scanner, becoming a atmospheric poem of light.

L'Ososphère 2022, Strasbourg - FR - ( 95 inch screen )

Two-screen Video installation
Catching sunlight on matter, building perspectives.

Studio setup ( 2x projections )

Studio setup

Site specific Video installation
Lights changing the depth of reality. Slowly moving architectural structures mix with the human perspective.
Replaced light
Light/video installation
Light slowly passing by on a opaque surface. Mixing reality with digital adjustments. Expectations are expanding.
Light defines
Two-screen video installation
Scanning a surface in a slow pace making new details visible. Two sides, same material, different view. Experiencing scale and depth.
Straight view, circling object
Video installation
Unfolding real objects with video. Filming from all sides and let natural light pass by. Watching multiple sides inside the same timeline.
Boxed icescapes
Video + sound, 7.01 min.
Looking at natural processes makes the perception of time more tangible. The transformation of states lets you peek into another timeline inside our reality.
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